Maserati MC20


Maserati’s First Supercar in 15 Years:

Meet the MC20

Released September 9, 2020, The MC20 is Maserati’s first supercar release in 15 years. From design to performance, this new supercar is set to disrupt daily life and pierce through competition. Showcased in the above video and previously teased on social media, the MC20 is already a viral hit with anticipation building. Now, Maserati has unveiled an engine that rivals a spaceship with an exterior made memorable with wavelike contours and curves. Watch the futuristic MC20 charge down the racetrack with intense precision and listen to the engine rev through tunnels and twisting corners. Despite it’s clear contemporary innovations, the new model is still a classic fit in the Maserati brand.

The boundary-pushing engine is a twin-turbo with 630 horsepower and a Formula 1 design. The uniquely stylish inflows improve airflow, while also adding to the car’s iconic style. In addition, the entire car is less than 1500 kg and has the first Maserati carbon fiber interior. If it sounds revolutionary, it is- this is the first completely Maserati engine in 20 years, designed and manufactured in Italy. A bold competitor to more common German and Japanese sedans, the Maserati MC20 is 100% pure-bred Italian racing built for hot-blooded competition. MC stands for Maserati Corse, indicating that soon, a racetrack-only version of the model will be released, marking Maserati’s return to racing. Although not yet available, Maserati has plans to offer hybrid and convertible versions of the MC20.

Behind a set of upward opening butterfly doors is a two-seat cabin with entirely digital controls, for a minimalist feel with maximum cabin control. This demonstration of purposeful luxury offers 4 driving modes: Corsa, Sport, GT, and Wet. While the interior is built for luxury, the cabin still vibrates with the engine rev and has a rugged, fast-paced edge.

This Maserati supercar marks a new step towards engineering perfection and leads the pack with a beautiful and muscular design. The MC20 was truly built for the audacious.

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