John Bohas

Maserati of Newport Beach


Sales Executive


Phone: (949)734-7342(949)734-7342

John Bohas

John was born in Motown, most people know it as Detroit, Michigan. If he actually takes a day off, you can catch him whisking away to one of California’s many wineries with is his wife Dawn. Of course, they don’t go just for the scenery, it’s usually to partake in some wine tasting. If John scheduled himself a vacation, he would travel all through the Mediterranean with stops in Crete, the island of Sardinia, Sicily, and of course Italy. His all-time favorite Maserati is a 2006 Maserati GranSport Spider because he has one in his garage and it performs now as well as it did brand new. John has been with Maserati of Newport Beach for almost 12 years now and he is a pillar at this dealership. If John doesn’t know a question regarding any Maserati, no know does. Come in and product test our Army Veteran, John Bohas.

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